The Crossroads of Fulfillment

A discussion of being fulfilled in life and are the steps you’re taking a more active or passive approach? Are these actions getting you want you want? References/Mentions The Crossroads of Should and Must Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Stigma of Being Single

In this podcast, we discuss the following…… Why are we defined by our relationships? Is the romantic market being disturbed by the evolved gender roles in relationships today? And what does this mean for the “Nuclear Family” and our future relationships? References/Mentions All the Single Ladies-Kate Bolick Sex at Dawn-Christopher Ryan Gloria Steinem Sex and […]

Interview with Shawn Sprockett

This September, we look into the life of Shawn Sprockett. Artists, activists, and entrepreneurs shaped Sprockett’s interest in design. He designs mobile interfaces and teaches in NYC. 1:07: Background 2:37: Shawn begins designing 3:40: SVA/Milton Glaser 6:45: First Jobs: How Shawn gets his big break 8:55: Thesis Project 12:00: Teaching Design 15:50: Differences between Start-ups […]


1:40:    Intro to Javi App 10:40:  Business Model 13:00:  Applying for Grants 16:00:  Entrepreneurs 22:00:  Being a Leader 26:00:  Risks Taken 29:30:  Balancing Life 34:00:  Feedback on Javi 41:00:  Playing with Javi App 46:00:  Making Connections/Following Through 52:00:  Finding Rejuvenation in Life 55:00:  LGBT Community 58:00:  Next 5 Years Twitter: @voonderlad Personal Site: Trace with […]

The Dynamic Duo: Andy Saldaña & Justin Schier

This month we interview Andy & Justin discussing their career journeys and how they found each other. Both are forces in the tech world, changing the way we use technology and creating a community of interaction. 1:24:   Intro to Andy 10:15: New York Tech Meet-up 15:05: Intro to Justin/Live Cube App 28:30: Rejuvenation Time […]

Diverse Voices in the Workplace: Jennifer Brown

1:00 Intro to Jennifer Brown 2:42 TED Talk 6:55 The Voice of Women 9:18 Feedback from the TED Talk 13:15 Jennifer Brown Consulting: Advising on Inclusion & Diversity 24:28 Unteaching biased behaviors/ Managing for the future/ Diversifying the workplace 27:19 Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)/Additional support in the workplace community 29:00 Relevance of coming out in […]

One+Love=Sean Apparicio

1:22 Intro to Sean & One Plus Love 4:30 Background/Beginnings 5:40 Where One Plus Love Stands Currently: The release date, merchandise, marketing, etc 8:24 Identity through the profile sliders, the complexities of labeling 13:00 LGBT spaces disappearing; How One+Love is reconnecting these disconnects 15:50 The safety behind One+Love around the world vs other LGBT apps & […]

Words of Wisdom with Debbie Millman

:28: Intro to Debbie 1:06 Design Matters Podcast: Celebrating 10 years & the evolution throughout the years. 8:10: Self Doubt, Confidence, and Humility with talent, how to power through the fear. 10:25: Confidence vs courage and the path to success 11:54 Success vs. recognition 14:00: Failure & Rejection 21:34: “It will get better” 22:46: Rejuvenation […]

The Concierge to the Community: Waddie G.

0:22: Intro to Waddie G & the G-List Society 5:15: The Steps of creating a blogging platform 9:00: The shift of focus, finding his true blogging voice within the LGBT community 15:40: G-List Society Events 21:49: Networking in the LGBT community, sharing & finding your voice 33:01: Being your true authentic self and celebrating authentic […]