February 11, 2021


0:21  Intro to Adam King, history of Mooi Kind
4:09  How Adam became interested in genderless clothing
6:55  The pop-up shop locations
11:55  Potential ideas for the future
15:33  Inspiration from utilitarian use
27:48  Being both dad and designer
28:40  Custom orders
31:47  Pop culture and the future of genderless clothing
37:14  The future of Mooi Kind, advice, and lessons learned

Where to reach Adam:
Mooi Kind Facebook
Mooi Kind Instagram
Shop Mooi Kind

Adam King is the founder, and Creative Director of Mooi Kind, a gender-neutral clothing and accessory line for babies and toddlers. Having spent more than 15 years designing both menswear and womenswear, for companies large and small, Adam shifted gears after the birth of his first son in 2014.  Faced with blatantly gendered options for dressing his child, he realized a need for children’s clothing that was equal parts function and self-expression. Adam’s political ideology and design aesthetic are reflected in the Mooi Kind mission statement: ‘providing children the freedom to define themselves’.

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