February 11, 2021


1:40:    Intro to Javi App

10:40:  Business Model

13:00:  Applying for Grants

16:00:  Entrepreneurs

22:00:  Being a Leader

26:00:  Risks Taken

29:30:  Balancing Life

34:00:  Feedback on Javi

41:00:  Playing with Javi App

46:00:  Making Connections/Following Through

52:00:  Finding Rejuvenation in Life

55:00:  LGBT Community

58:00:  Next 5 Years

Twitter: @voonderlad

Personal Site: http://fjh.nyc/

Trace with Javi

It’s October! Come join us on an adventure with Voonderlad aka Francisco Hernandez an enchanting graphic designer. Through his wondrous years of experience, he has acquired skills for print, identity, web, motion, illustrations, & environmental mediums. We dive into his new product, Javi, an app assisting Mexican American children & their parents in gaining literacy skills while supporting their cultural identity, and the many hats he wears day-to-day as a designer.

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