February 11, 2021

Anna pulley, THE LGBT carrie bradshaw

0:46  Intro to Anna & her path

2:55   Evolution of writing & career path

4:44   Anna on Dan Savage’s Lovecast, Episode 283

6:00  Sexuality is complicated

10:44  “My heart is gay and my vagina is less discriminatory”

12:13  San Francisco turned me straight

13:33  Anna’s Coming Out Story and the complexities of sexuality

20:51  Coming out response

22:46  The LGBT Youth and a more accepting society

23:31  Pegging Men

26:40  Experiences and your writing

27:56  After Ellen & other advice columns

30:59  Gender Roles, Labels and much more

32:52  The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book with Cats

36:01  Writing and experiences as a healer

39:07  Where to find Anna

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