February 11, 2021


00:04  Livestream
00:35  Intro to Bibiana
1:45  Transition from Science to Art
5:43  Falling in love with New York
6:19  Bibiana buys her first camera
8:00  New York Stories
10:34  Lost Direction & Getting Focused
13:59  Back to New York & stories
18:04  Entering the New York art scene
19:46  Why don’t you go to art school?
22:00  Art methodologies
23:27  Grad school: The People You Meet & Direction You Go
26:10  Projects: Fotofobia – Set and Production Design -“The Enchanted Reality of Rene Magritte”,
A small book of drawings, Dance Film, Pickled Press
28:00   Pickled Press & Exploring The Book Form and me pushing boundaries within that
29:24  Fotofobia –  A Book Series published by Pickled Press.
30:57   Rejuvenation and Inspiration
34:47  Dream person to work with or Dream project
35:51  Visual language and basically an Act of translation
37:17  Curator Perspective of the work – Materials
43:53  The Future of Your Career & Exploring Ideas
47:41   Where to reach Bibiana:
Pickled Press

Since recording the podcast the Indiegogo campaign went down but will relaunch soon. You can check out Fotofobia via NYFA Stay Tuned!

BIBIANA was born and raised in occupied Czechoslovakia. She trained as a semi-professional tennis player and studied mathematics at Harvard and Brown Universities, subsequently receiving her BFA from Pratt Institute. From her earliest work, Bibiana has explored limitations of art in a multimedia art practice that includes photography, film, installation, sound, publishing, and sculpture. Her work straddles the lines between portraiture, sociology, anthropology, art and the document. Bibiana’s academic analysis, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to perceive space & culture from an outsider’s perspective is reflected in the depth and complexity of her work. Rather than presenting images with clear linear formulas, her work challenges the viewer to re-examine their initial reading of a scene and, often, enter a realm of uncertainty. Her personal preference is to make work that is authentic with an emphasis on content, giving a back seat to the decorative and ornate. Currently she is working on a long-term project merging family narratives, history and national identity issues.

She is an active participant in the independent New York art scene and has been published in New York Times, The Strad, Feature Shoot and Conveyor. Her work has been shown internationally including MoMA PS1 (New York), Photoville (New York) and Athens Photo Festivals (Greece), and is in public and private collections in USA and Europe, including Hellenic Center for Photography, Pratt Library, and RISD Library.

Bibiana is founder of Pickled Press and co-editor of Fotofobia.

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