February 10, 2021


Today I catch up with an old friend, John Colucci. We chat about the past, the current and the future.  

:14 Intro to John! 
1:59 Going down memory lane
4:30 A typical day for John
6:57 Digital Detox 10:16 Twitter, Facebook…
12:33 Is Twitter Going Away?
5:10 The Success of Social Media Platforms and Why?
18:00 Improving the Election Process
20:34 The 2016 Election
22:00 News, The Facts
23:22 Receptiveness to being LGBT
27:25 Coming Out
30:43 The future for the LGBT community
35:39 Where to find John:
Twitter @johncolucci
IG @johncolucci

John has been a social media strategist in the media industry for the past couple of years – from local TV news to tech journalism. He lives in Seattle, WA after 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area – but hails from Edison, NJ – much like the host of this podcast.

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