February 11, 2021

Diverse Voices in the Workplace: Jennifer Brown

1:00 Intro to Jennifer Brown

2:42 TED Talk

6:55 The Voice of Women

9:18 Feedback from the TED Talk

13:15 Jennifer Brown Consulting: Advising on Inclusion & Diversity

24:28 Unteaching biased behaviors/ Managing for the future/ Diversifying the workplace

27:19 Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)/Additional support in the workplace community

29:00 Relevance of coming out in the workplace

32:00 Connecting your personal story to your work

33:44: Changing corporate America/Keeping the drive when receiving push back

38:19 More advice on coming out in the workplace/becoming a change agent

41:15: The shift in mindset of work vs personal life at the workplace

42:52: The shift in ERG’s/Hierarchy of needs

50:25 Being mindful in the workplace/Leading support in diversity

53:03 Jennifer’s personal coming out story and finishing her voice in the workplace; the evolution of JBC

1:01.00: The future of work diversity; the power of Millennials

1:06:45 The Future of JBC

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Jennifer Brown is the Founder & CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, a certified woman- and LGBT-owned strategic leadership and diversity consulting firm specializing in the future of the workforce and workplace, and dedicated to building more inclusive organizations where all kinds of talent can feel “Welcomed, Valued, Respected, and HeardSM”. Based in New York City and maintaining a global team, the company partners with HR, Talent Management, D&I and Business leadership on change management efforts relating to human capital, including the design, development and facilitation of customized, interactive classroom and online learning events. JBC is known as the creator of the “JBC ERG Progression ModelSM”, a proprietary development tool that facilitates the transformation of ERGs into true business partners. Employer-of choice clients include Cisco, Toyota Financial Services, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters, AXA, Disney, New York Life, Target, and many of the Fortune 500. Jennifer is quoted frequently on next generation diversity and inclusion practices, has delivered three TEDx talks, and is a dedicated and visible change advocate in the LGBT and Allies community.

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