February 11, 2021


1:00  Where it all began

4:00  Evolution of the Gay Business & Marketing Made Easy Podcast the beginning of the blog

6:34   Jenn T’s many hats

   Sally Hogshead – The Fascination Advantage

8:40  Marketing to the LGBT community/The Plumber Fiasco

12:12  Educating business owners – LGBT Chamber of Commerce

15:31  LGBT marketing today

17:18  Wells Fargo Ad

18:43  The Chobani Ad

21:40   LGBT Advertising/Marketing – Behind the Scenes

22:43 When Marketing does not understand LGBT

24:00  LGBT Today

25:58   HRC Ratings/Corporate Quality Index – The Best and the worst.

30:27   “But You Don’t Look Gay” book

33:34  Assumptions of LGBT people

38:22  Faux Pas in LGBT

43:59  Rejuvenation/Unplugging

45:47  Once a year 1 Week of Disconnecting

47:38  Getting Information and Inspiration

49:28  Career in the next 5 years and the influence on the LGBT community

53:13  Failures, Risks and Learnings

58:21  The future of the LGBT community

Jenn T. Grace teaches straight people how to market to gay people and gay people how to market themselves. Upon noticing a need in the marketplace for educational tools aimed at well meaning straight allies, she set out to fill the void in 2012.  In addition to educating straight audiences, she also coaches gay entrepreneurs in one-on-one settings to help them grow their businesses. She has written two Amazon Best Selling books and is currently working on several others. As a blogger, podcaster and speaker you can find Jenn involved in anything where business intersects with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues. She has been in the LGBT marketing space since 2006 and holds a M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications from Golden Gate University and a B.S. in Communications from Salem State University.

Based in Hartford, Connecticut you can follow Jenn on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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