February 11, 2021

Let’s Talk About Tech with Alyx Baldwin, Co-founder/CTO of Kip

0:20 Intro to Alyx & Interface Foundry

1:32 Interface Foundry/Kip Styles

7:33 Artificial Intelligence and Kip Styles

9:00 Alyx’s Journey

14:25 Starting Interface Foundry

17:36 Advice, Connections and Investors

20:17 People’s Skype

24:17 Bringing people together

26:14 Open Source

28:24 The use of organization techniques outside of technology

29:27 Advice – Speaking in large groups, Asking Questions

35:37 Rejuvenation and Inspiration

38:00 Human Artifacts, Details, Interactions

41:00 Future of Interface Foundry and getting ahead of the curve

46:31 What does Alyx enjoys most.

Alyx is the co-founder / CTO of Kip and an award-winning designer and technologist in NYC. She’s earned their MFA at Parsons, the New School for Design and BA at University of Southern California.

Her master’s thesis on WiFi mesh networks and local app platform Tidepools is used on the ground in cities around the world.

The network built with Red Hook Initiative and Open Technology Institute helped Red Hook, Brooklyn recover from Hurricane Sandy and was featured at The White House, Harvard, New York Times, etc.

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