February 11, 2021

One+Love=Sean Apparicio

1:22 Intro to Sean & One Plus Love

4:30 Background/Beginnings

5:40 Where One Plus Love Stands Currently: The release date, merchandise, marketing, etc

8:24 Identity through the profile sliders, the complexities of labeling

13:00 LGBT spaces disappearing; How One+Love is reconnecting these disconnects

15:50 The safety behind One+Love around the world vs other LGBT apps & protecting identity & creating a community

21:48 The app launch

23:20 Gay Media exposure & everyday people telling their stories

25:50 Caitlyn Jenner & trans activism in the community

29:40 Jazz Jennings

31:50 The voice of activism

34:00 Rejuvenation & Recentering

35:30 The next 5 years

38:08 Risks taken & advice given

This episode, we sit down with Sean Apparicio, the founder of One+Love. One+Love, a geo-local mobile LGBT community center—connecting users to local events, supportive online community, entertainment, lifestyle and news that reflects and celebrates diverse sexual and gender identities.

Before forming One+Love, Sean was multidisciplinary creative director specializing in digital media, commercial direction, Branding and Marketing Strategy. He has over 17 years of award winning industry experience. He’s re-launched multiple brands, strengthened their visual identity and introduced current trends in technology to develop solutions for his clients. Most notably, under his direction, the BET Redesign won 11 Tellys and a Promax/BDA Diverse Voices Award.

Sean has worked for over 26 years as an advocate and activist for LGBTQ issues. He’s done outreach and community organizing with the Audre Lorde Project, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and TransJustice. He has worked as a life coach at the Ali Forney Center; raised hell with ACT UP to raise HIV/AIDS awareness; mentored LGBTQ youth and lectured at UC Berkeley regarding coming out in the age of AIDS; provided safer sex education via the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project; served in a harm reduction center for at-risk clients; and has worked to become a griot of U.S. LGBTQ history.

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