February 10, 2021

Outlicious TV, The Trio – Brian Pelletier, Matty Frazier and Brandon Salerno

Today I chat with Brian Pelletier, Matty Frazier and Brandon Salerno about everything from the inspiration to create  Outlicious TV  to their favorite series and episodes!

:14 Intro to guests
:31 Brian Pelletier [founder/owner of the channel]
:57 Matty Frazier [Brian’s partner and performer in the series]
1:07 Brandon Salerno [performer in the series]
1:22 Outlicious – idea and how it evolved
3:00 Webseries
5:13  Evolution of the website, building out the team, the in-between
8:00 The audition: Brandon
9:00 LGBT and being LGBT in an LGBT series
11:39 How do you people find you?  Social Media, fame, breaking down analytics
17:00 Feedback
22:10 Flying High with Charlie
24:09 Brandon’s take:Flying High with Charlie
25:03 The Halloween episode
25:48  Behind the scenes: Are the cast LGBT?
28:10 Everyone’s sexually fluid now. & coming out
29:30 The Future: LGBT community
34:15 Where to find Outlicious: 

@outlicioustv on Twitter and Instagram


Latest episodes
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Brandon: @brandonsactor on Twitter and Instagram

Flying High With Charlie: YouTube
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