February 11, 2021

REAL TALK WITH Brooklyn “Vanessa” Wright about Boi Society & fashion

0:40   What is Boi Society?

2:17   Beginning in Fashion. The birth of Boi Society

3:55   Social Media Following and Response

5:00   Evolution of Fashion

8:00   Stealing Culture

11:32   The LGBT Community

13:00   Creating a safe space for people who didn’t fit into society’s box.

14:00   Steps: The Beginning of Boi Society

17:14   Feedback: The Good, The Bad

22:39   Human Issues –  The “I Am” Principle

24:00  Carter the Body – Boi Society Magazine

25:25    Top 3 Dream Mentors

26:35 – Boi Society, a business?

27:30   Tend to Your Garden, advice from Brooklyn

31:44    Rejuvenation

33:02    Next Steps for Boi Society

37:23    Boi Society Club

40:52    2016! Tour?

Vanessa “Brooklyn” Wright is a visionary turned branding leader. 2 years ago she set out fill a void in her own life, noticing the lack of representation of young queer, non conforming women in the media space. So she created Boi Society, a community designed to inspire and empower queer women who wear mens clothing and didn’t fit into the society’s standards of feminine. Now Boi Society has one of the largest tomboy/queer communities on the internet with over 50k loyal members and allies. Boi(s)  for short, this community is making history and paving the way for women and humans to express themselves anyway they see fit. Brooklyn calls Boi Society the modern day feminist movement.

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