February 10, 2021

Stephanie Tamez, The Tattooist

In this episode, I’m at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn spending the morning with Stephanie Tamez. We discuss her career, tattooing and being LGBT.

:17  Intro Stephanie Tamez
3:00  A Typical Day
5:04 Creativity
5:06  Meet The Tattoo Artist article
9:08 First Tattoo
11:05 How many people have you tattooed?
13:04 Women in the workplace and Mic.com article
18:26 Development of style
20:52 Rejuvenation
22:59 LGBT & negativity?
27:00 The Future of the LGBT Community
31:06 Where to find Stephanie

Stephanie Tamez is originally from San Antonio, Texas. She learned to tattoo in San Francisco, working out of a private studio as well as with Bill and Junii Salmon at Diamond Club. She has been based in NYC since 2001, working at New York Adorned for nine years before coming over to Saved Tattoo. She began teaching a course on tattoo design at SVA for three years starting in 2012, the same year that she became co-owner of Saved.

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