February 11, 2021

The 9 Lives of the Dreamer & Maker: Phillipe Bojorquez

0:30 Intro to Phillipe

2:23 Moving to NY, Working in tech

6:03 “Being the rake”- Young Phillipe: Early schooling, Promoting at the Limelight

12:00 Have a “Growth Mindset”- Is failure really an option

15:05 Mythology of Life vs the Reality of Every Day; What are your personal gifts to life in itself

17:00: The Life Boat Foundation– Making sure technology won’t destroy us. Can technology make us more Human?

22:40 “Surviving the Singularity” book What is the Human Condition- Can we exist in beauty and sustainability

28:20 Identity & the multitudes of experience with love

31:09 LGBT rights/growing up on the west coast

35:19 Fear- A response born from biology…turning it into integrity, action or compassion

37:36: Finding inspiration

41:04 The next 5 years

Phillipe Bojorquez is an engineer, activist, and artist: He has been described as “a futurist with a community minded bent.” He is a engineer, with experience at First Dibs, Samsung, Boxee, and Canary. He is a board member of The Lifeboat Foundation, an independent research group dedicated to helping humanity survive the risks posed by new technologies. His research areas include artificial intelligence, robotics, engineering, and philosophy. Bojorquez is a past board member of CRUX, NYC’s LGBT rock climbing organization, and an early contributor and organizer of Vegans in Vegas, a yearly gathering of activists and entrepreneurs at the forefront of nutrition and sustainability. His passion for activism and community building comes from his belief in the power of spontaneous collaboration to shape our lives for the better. As one of his heroes, scientist Bill Nye says, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” Bojorquez believes that individual talents brought together by the new collaborative tools of technology will allow humanity to solve the tremendous environmental, political, and economic threats to its survival. “If we are willing to let go of hidebound judgement, new possibilities for growth and understanding beyond our wildest dreams await us,” says Bojorquez. His installation artwork has been shown in Australia, the United Kingdom, and various parts of America.

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