February 11, 2021

The Concierge to the Community: Waddie G.

0:22: Intro to Waddie G & the G-List Society

5:15: The Steps of creating a blogging platform

9:00: The shift of focus, finding his true blogging voice within the LGBT community

15:40: G-List Society Events

21:49: Networking in the LGBT community, sharing & finding your voice

33:01: Being your true authentic self and celebrating authentic people in our lives

36:16: The recent popularity of coming out in Hollywood; Caitlyn Jenner

43:14: A Waddie Exclusive: The Trans discussion

50:16: Sexuality: Acceptance and Understanding of the Complexities

52:40: Coming Out

1:01:49: The G-List in the next 5 years

In this episode, we sit down with Waddie G and learn about the G-List Society and much more…

Waddie G. is the blogger and executive producer of The G-List Society, a medium that reflect his love for urban pop, queer and social cultures. He was a contributor to the Chicago Red Eye and Windy City Times newspapers. As a blogger, Waddie G. has interviewed dozens of Hollywood and music celebrities and LGBT personalities.

Waddie G. also hosted and produced dozens of social, professional networking and live music events in Chicago and New York City since 2005. He provided event production services extensively to the National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA) and The Shrine music venue in Chicago. He also served as a producer on the televised Out Music Awards on the LOGO network.

Waddie G. & The G-List Society media has been featured, quoted and/or published in “Positively Black” on WNBC (NYC Channel 4), Gawker, Gothamist, “Oprah’s Life Class,” Chicago Red Eye, Windy City Times, Ebony, Sandra Rose, Bossip, Necole Bitchie, The YBF, MediaTakeOut, SGL Weekly, Rod 2.0, TMZ, Joe.My.God, NY Eater, Moguldum Media, CBS-2 Chicago News and other media outlets.

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