February 11, 2021


Today I sit down with Tracey Kaplan, Territory Sales Manager at Google who also is extremely passionate about all things LGBTQ+. She is involved with Lesbians Who Tech and often fundraises for many LGBT initiatives.

:14 Intro Tracey Kaplan
1:34 Finding your community, connections & making friends
8:38 Coming out
12:12 Assumptions
13:56 Circling back to coming out
16:40 Homophobic people
19:16 Google, LWT, Diversity and Inclusion
24:44 Involvement with LGBT
26:12 The future of the LGBT community
31:52 Where you can reach Tracey


Tracey was born and raised in Texas, where she knew exactly zero LGBT individuals. After 23 years in Texas, she left the tech consulting world behind in favor of tech sales. Tracey was excited to work for a profoundly LGBT friendly company, Google, but was unimpressed by the mere 2 gay women whom she met at a “Gaygler” welcome lunch. Since then, Tracey has been on a quest to put the “L” back in LGBT by partnering Google with Lesbians Who Tech. When she’s not pitching Googlers to invest in this cause, she is pitching customers to buy Google Apps for Work (or playing sand volleyball during lunch). When not at Google, Tracey is playing with other people’s dogs, organizing volleyball games, or adventuring around the great state of California!

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