February 10, 2021

Elaine Bennett – The Speechwriter

Today I chat with Elaine Bennett about being a speechwriter and coach and all the stories in-between. 

:13 Intro to Elaine Bennett
:58 Elaine – A day in the life
3:02 Evolution of being a speechwriter
6:01 Free range writing
7:50 Life Work Balance
8:29 Coaching & Freelancing
11:00 The Scandal
13:26 Adapting to the Wall Street life
14:58 Biggest Risk
17:28 Listening to your own writing
19:53 Writer’s Block is a huge myth
23:20 Have you ever struggled because of being LGBT?
27:09 The future of the LGBT community// The election
35:16 Where to find Elaine:
Ebook – http://bennettink.com/naked-podcast
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bizspeechwriter

mentioned links: Robert Cialdini -Pre-suasion  https://www.influenceatwork.com

Award-winning speechwriter Elaine Bennett says her favorite clients are people who are smart enough to know good writing when they read it, but too busy to do it themselves.

She’s worked with leading executives in a range of industries from financial and professional services to nonprofits and politics. Warren Buffett was impressed with how Elaine captured his voice. He wrote, “You have a terrific ear and you turn straight thinking into straight writing.”

Elaine is so passionate about great writing that she’s launched a coaching business to help more people create it. She blogs daily on her website, bennettink.com, where you’ll see her corporate mission: “Making the world more interesting, one sentence at a time.”

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