February 10, 2021


Today I sit down with Jamie Chung, an engineer currently at Dropbox in SF. We discuss tech,  what it’s like to be transgendered and non-binary as well as the future for the LGBTQ+ community.

:14 Intro to Jamie Chung
1:17 Dropbox
1:42 Trans, Non-binary, Gender & Identity
2:27 Gender, Identity – Less ignorance, more understanding
8:52 Labels
9:21 Documentation change/TSA – What it’s like to be Trans?
13:00 Coming Out
17:22 Trans phobia stems from Fem phobia  
19:37 Coming out and family  
26:41 Lesbians Who Tech presentation: The Background
31:54 The presentation
34:10 The Future/evolution of the LGBT community
43:15 Twitter @jamieshark_ 
IG @jamieshark_

Jamie Chung (@jamieshark_) is currently an engineer with Dropbox in San Francisco. Previously, they worked on maintaining an open-source front-end frameworks — Foundation. Before that, they built health apps focusing on chronic illness for Northwestern University’s Medical School. When it comes to programming, they focus on a user-centric experience, smart and sustainable code, and often proposes using the “dismantle everything and build it new” method. Jamie is particularly passionate about conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion in tech, learning to be an advocate of restorative justice in communities, and choosing the fire Pokémon starter.

Their website can be found at http://jamiechu.ng.

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