February 11, 2021


Today I’m talking with Marnie Florin, a Global Process Manager at Google who also holds diversity trainings around the nation. Marnie is the co-creator of a two-person Trans 101 training team at Google. Marnie previously served in the Peace Corps in Gambia, and upon returning to the U.S. did advocacy work at the LGBT center in Los Angeles. Join us as Marnie shares their path in the LGBT community, their career development and their diversity training work today.

00:15 Intro to Marnie Florin
1:07 Marnie’s time in Gambia and getting started in the LGBT space
9:57 Coming out as gay and accepting oneself as gay
16:19 Coming to terms with being trans
18:15 Returning to the US from Gambia and finding community
21:00 Growing up gay and societal pressure
26:16 Marnie’s work at the LGBT center in LA and using male or female pronouns
31:58 Starting business school at Columbia and choosing gender-neutral pronouns
35:05  Marnie starts Trans 101 training at Columbia and Google

Follow Marnie on Twitter or email at diversity@marnieflorin.com.

Marnie Florin works at Google, where ze creates and facilitates sessions about allyship for underrepresented groups. Marnie also works on the side as a Diversity Consultant, providing diversity trainings to companies looking to create a more inclusive workplace. Marnie came out as transgender in 2012 and identifies specifically as non-binary. You can reach Marnie and book trainings at diversity@marnieflorin.com.

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