February 10, 2021

Robyn Kanner, My TransHealth

In this episode, I sit down with Robyn Kanner who is killing it in all around. If you don’t know Robyn here are some of the basics. Robyn is an Art Director at Amazon, co-founder and designer for MyTransHealth and recently worked with the Obama administration to run a Queer Tech panel. She is heavily involved in the LGBT+ community, widely published and a speaker. Deep creep on Robyn and I’s real talk in this episode of Naked & Inside Out.

:18  Robyn intro
2:25  You were a Cam girl? 
6:33  My TransHealth
8:22  Information and the world today
12:01  Babe Vibes 
12:37  The difference between needing and wanting
14:22  Knowing and Coming out
17:00  Transitioning
22:42  My Trans Health part deux
23:48: The Future of the LGBT community
25:28  Where to contact Robyn 


Robyn is currently an Art Director at Amazon in Seattle where she primarily focuses on mobile projects with a scalable system design approach.

She is also a co-founder and designer for MyTransHealth which is a resource dedicated to helping trans and non-binary people find access to quality healthcare. At the moment, we’re in six locations across the United States and in April ’17 we will be in twenty. You can read a little bit more about us in The Verge, Business Insider, and Upworthy or watch me give a keynote on it. Furthermore, she will be giving a talk at Design Week PDX called ‘Has your misery ever been a sight to see’ on designing MyTransHealth.

Most recently, she has worked with the Obama administration to run a Queer in Tech panel at The White House to help them design more inclusive products for people across the country.

She has also written for publications like Bustle and Mic, created the Let Trans Women Live campaign, spoke at Etsy, and guest lectured at Cooper Union. And if podcasts are your thing, hear me on Working File, MTVLet’s Make Mistakes, and Design EDU Today.

She grew up, went to school, and learned how to be an adult in various pocket-sized towns in Maine. After a few years in the music industry designing albums and managing bands I worked as a brand designer for Staples and New Balance in Boston.

In her free time she likes to play guitar, hang out with my dog, Arrow, and tweet about her feelings.

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