February 11, 2021

Saurabh Madan, What it’s like to be gay

Today I am on-site at Google Mountain View, talking to one of the “Gay-glers” (Googlers that are gay), Saurabh Madan. Saurabh is currently a product manager for Google, and was born and raised in India. Join us as Saurabh shares about his life in India, career at Google, and being part of the LGBT community.

7:32  Intro to Saurabh
12:55  Coming out to himself and others
15:50  Being out at Google
21:35  Saurabh’s career path and support in the US
25:41  Saurabh’s job at Google
26:47  Saurabh’s life outside of work and digital detox
30:40  Future technologies and career plans
33:47  LGBT youth in the future and Saurabh’s advice for difficulties coming out
41:41  Thoughts on the LGBT community

 Find Saurabh on Instagram or email him at s.s.madan@gmail.com.

Saurabh was born in a mid sized town in India, to a middle class business family. He was encouraged to pursue higher education from a very young age. He left home at the age of 17 to study engineering and left India for Michigan in 2006, at the age of 22. He’s been in the bay area since 2008 – where I moved for a job. Saurabh never really had a chance to come out to anyone before moving to California, but I did start coming out to some of my friends and family soon after he moved here. He has been at Google for almost a year and a half now and loves how open people are here to different views/personalities/lifestyles and cultures.

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